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              Brand Concept

              We uphold the concept of “Good Life Indeed”, which is well interpreted and brought into full play in the way we show our gratitude & love, carry out public service and live healthier lives. We regard creating more joy for everyone’s livelihood as our duty.


              About Usaton

              Guangdong Usaton Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: Usaton) was founded in 2003. It is a large-scale industrial company integrating product development, manufacturing, sales and service. Household appliances such as cleaning cabinets, cupboard stoves and water purifiers


              For Partners

              Joining process

              Join application: Join application through telephone consultation, online customer service, website message, etc.


              Customer Service

              Users can enjoy the following warranty services with the valid invoice and warranty card of the purchased product from the date of purchase.

              The range hood motor warranty is 10 years, and the electric water heater liner warranty is 3 years to 8 years according to the factory time.


              News Center

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